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Chloride Singapore Celebrates SG50! Wishing all fellow Singaporeans a very happy 50th birthday!
06-Aug-15 Read more
EXIDE is on Gold 90.5Fm & YES 933! Catch us live!
09-Apr-15 Read more
CBSEA wins the Singapore Health Award 2015!
16-Mar-15 Read more
Received a certificate of appreciation from our customer in Japan for supplying good quality products for many years which has contributed to their continuous success
13-Mar-15 Read more
We got the Hong Kong Electric project
26-Aug-14 Read more
We have stepped into the Malaysian Automotive scene
12-Aug-14 Read more
CBSEA warmly welcomes OEM Nichiyu Thailand onboard
21-Aug-13 Read more
CBSEA continues to build strong ties in Korea
20-Aug-13 Read more
CBSEA is once again awarded the Hong Kong Power Station Project
02-Aug-13 Read more
Chloride Batteries SE Asia joins Singapore Sustainable Energy Association Singapore (SEAS)
26-Jul-13 Read more
Our Motive power batteries have stepped into the Korean Market
04-Jul-13 Read more
Our EXIDE Automotive batteries wins a Tender with PSA Corporation
26-Jun-13 Read more
Chloride Batteries SE Asia welcomes its new OEMs - Toyota Rensal Thailand and Nichiyu Indonesia onboard
18-Jun-13 Read more

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Home UPS

Home UPS

No Humming

This superior technology product ensures that there is no humming sound when appliances are running on the battery power when the AC Grid supply is down.

Undisturbed TV Viewing

With the commonly available inverter systems (with modified sine wave output) there is often a distortion(or grains) in the TV picture. With CEIL Home UPS, the TV viewing is undisturbed.

Protects your Home Appliances

The reliable grid power like output ensures that the sophisticated equipment in your home is not damaged.

Higher Power Factor

The CEIL Pure Sine Wave Home UPS has a much higher power factor. This means at the same kVA rating it can handle much higher power.

Wider Input Voltage Range

The system has a wider input voltage range - which means it can handle the high levels of voltage fluctuations seen in rural / remote locations.


Other Important Features

The system has 3 charging modes which gives you options depending on the extent of power cuts faced and the availability of charging time. It also has an extra socket for emergency loads. The LCD display on the panel provides better user interface.


The Perfect Partner: CEIL TUBULAR BATTERIES CEIL 6V & 12V Monobloc tubular batteries - the best technology for stable power during long power cuts. With battery life exceeding 5 years. Ask your CEIL representative for details.